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When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. - Leonardo DaVinci

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One With Machine is a small Engineering and Design Company. We provide engineering design support by contract and develop product concepts. If you are interested in working with us please contact us using the email below. We will continue to develop mechanical systems in the spirit of invention and to empower mankind.

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Engineering Sketch


Spacecraft mechanism design and deployable systems are our specialty.  With our small team of highly experienced design engineers we will move rapidly through early design development and into qualification.  One With Machine understands your schedule needs.  We can develop extremely complex systems on very aggressive programs and meet deadlines.

Pipes and Pressure


With vast experience in the development of pressure seals and sealed mechanical systems One With Machine will start down the correct path.  Many design development programs are derailed by unanticipated changes due to the need to improve the isolation of sensitive mechanical components from a contaminant or corrosive environment.  We have been down this path many times and have experience that ranges from the overall system conceptual design down to the intricate detailed seal designs.

Chemical Plant


Do you need to move some water or any other type of fluid?  One With Machine can help with pump sizing and plumbing layouts.  We are comfortable with taking the unconventional approach.  We have developed everything from customized process cooling systems to water delivery mechanisms on Mars.

Laser Cut Steel


The depth of manufacturing experience within our design team is extraordinary.  Design for manufacturing is not accomplished through time consuming meetings.  Our design engineers know what to do based on experience.  That experience is backed up by an army of local machine shops and high performance suppliers.  One With Machine will compress your development schedule by abiding the principles of proper machine design.



With experience in various forms of rapid prototyping One With Machine will leap forward with quick and inexpensive proof-of-concept development units.  Our unique approach to accelerating the design process relies heavily on rapid prototyping.  We do not simply rely on 3d printed models.  Our experience allows us to rapidly define a test configuration that will meet our objectives in validating the feasibility of our conceptual design.

Industiral Design Car Sketch


One With Machine understands patent strategy.  With many patents under our belts we will develop an IP protection strategy that includes patents, trade secrets, and other more difficult to describe approaches.  We will lay out a course that allows the design to develop in concert with the rollout of the IP protection strategy.  We specialize in strategies that provide excellent protection at low cost for early concept phase innovation.

Custom Sailing Design


We believe understanding when to use composites is the most important part of composite design.  After that you need to know what type of layup and what pitfalls to avoid.  Composites are difficult but in the correct application they can yield unparalleled performance.  One With Machine understands these concepts and has an excellent record of success in fiber-reinforced composite design.

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Boulder, CO, USA

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